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I just watched season 1-2 and 3 eps of season 3 this week.
The show is ok but i wish they would give the women some proper clothes.
So do the actresses! Lucy Brown said that her number one hope for season two was that she'd be allowed to have Claudia start dressing on the assumption that she'd be in a cold, muddy field by the end of the day, only to find that for reasons we won't spoil, her skirts would be even shorter and her heels even higher in year two.
She does seem to be wearing more sensible clothing this year though... Unless I should be paying more attention?
Don't think it's anything massively significant, just that they've finally listened to her when she said 'I'm bloody freezing!'
Lucy Brown (aka Claudia) is absolutely wonderful - at the second season pres launch, one of her co-stars admitted that she didn't much like SF, and Lucy went off into a full-on lecture about how brilliant Pratchett and Clarke and so on are...
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