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blog post about ST:Online timeline

Star Trek Online begins in the year 2409, which is about 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis.

Christine "Kestrel" Thompson has posted a new blog over on - In this blog she talks about the daunting task of writing thirty years of Star Trek History and how exactly she has chosen to approach the whole thing.
In addition, she also mentions a couple of tidbits that we havent heard about yet - Laas and the missing 98 changlings from the "100" - which could give us some idea about what to expect in some future updates.

What happened to the Klingons? How were the Cardassians recovering from the Dominion War? Where were Laas and the missing 98 changelings, and what did they want? What was the Federation doing when all of this was going on? What about the Gorn, or the Orions? And so on.
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