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Re: New Transformers RotF Footage SPOILERS

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I HATED the cartoon in all of its incarnations. I found it childish (what? A cartoon childish? LOL) and rather inane.. I was probably too old for it at the time and was already facinated by anime..
1. What the hell is wrong with you?

2. There's lots of garbage Transformers anime to grab your attention, why are you still here?
He's probably "still here" (one post means you're lingering around now?) because he's excited to see the movie, which you might have noticed in the same post had you not been in such a rush to jump down his throat for his subjective opinion of the prior cartoons.

It's a Michael Bay movie full of 'splosions, cheesy comedy, bad dialogue, and rapid fire cuts. It's going to get some criticism, even if people find it otherwise entertaining. If you're this insecure about the movie already due to a dislike of the cartoons, you're in for a long year of overreacting to complaints. Relax.
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