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Kirk's early years.

Kirk's early starfleet career has been mentioned a few times. Any ideas on whether or not the new film will honor:

1) Kirk's first assignment out of the Academy was the USS Farragut. He was a Lieutenant upon leaving the Academy or during at least part of that tour.

2) Kirk served as an Ensign aboard the USS Republic where he exposed an error by his friend Ben Finney. This might have been while he was still at the academy (midshipman's cruise?) if he was a Lieutenant upon graduation. Finney named his daughter after Kirk (Jamie) so they were pretty good friends.

3) Kirk's nemesis at the Academy was an upperclassmen named Finnegan.

4) Kirk was an instructor at the Academy and Gary Mitchell was one of his students.

5) Kirk was the only student to beat the "no-win" scenario at the Academy.

Hopefully, in the new film, the Enterprise won't be Kirks offical first assignment.
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