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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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The man who brought you Threshold joins forces for the very first time with the man who brought you False Profits in order to bring you...

Future's End, Part 1 (**)

The episode itself is pleasant enough once it gets to 1996 Earth, although I would hardly consider it spectacular. If it wasn't for all the complaints I posted above I would probably give the episode 3.5 stars, but I feel that each of these complaints amounts to a half-star deduction because of how much they irritate me personally.
This two-parter episode will be the highlight of Season 3 for a while. It gets really really bad for a moment there. Personally I like it as a sort of timecapsule of 90's. TOS has one of the 60's and Enterprise one of the 00's - so I like the episodes because they allow one to compare these decades and how ST saw them. Nothing spectacular, but fun.

As Future's End is also not really over, so some irrelevant things. Ignore at will, but I can't get rest if I don't do this.

"When Janeway failed to chastise B'Elanna for her actions in the mess hall. When Janeway sympathised with B'Elanna's viewpoint and suggested that she take her case to one of the aliens before they leave the ship."

I didn't see Janeway as being supportive of B'Elanna, as she did say: "whatever the Anarians have done, it's not our problem." She was more like a experienced life-smart person would be around wanna-be Che Guevara. Some facepalms, some exaggerated sigh's, a suggestion that would allow the person to spread his truth in the least harmful way possible.

"I can't judge a group of people based off of experiences with one individual."

The episode's main focus was how a person can so easily kill the person she is in love with due to patriot acts and similar things. So I don't see the problem that the regressive-progressive thing was more in the background, as it was a personal approach from the oppressor's point of view - she killed her lover and then said it was good. To ease the conscience with lies.

"Would it have ruined the episode from your point of view if they had one lousy scene where B'Elanna went to see lover-boy in his home and saw how these people lived?"


That doesn't make me wrong, it just means that I wanted something more than what we got. It failed to satisfy my demands.

I hope you understand, that that wrong wasn't meant as personal attack but as a joking jest.

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