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Re: Reunification - makes no sense?

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I enjoy it too - it could have been better, of course, but I mean, it's got Spock. How bad can it be?
Extremely bad.

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I remember how excited I was waiting for this and how disappointed I was when I saw it. Even Nimoy seemed to be having an off day.
Well, I must have been having shallow days the 2-3 times I've seen it because I've always enjoyed it. (I don't mean that to sound sarcastic, by the way - I mean, it's possible that I really did have a shallow day the times I've watched it.) Maybe I just shut down my critical faculties and enjoy the ride. It's not a favorite or anything, which is sort of a shame now that I think about it since it includes Spock, but I do enjoy it. I just let all those logical inconsistencies wash right over least I have up until now.

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