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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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And the biased viewpoint of one person is not a good standpoint to judge an entire civilisation.

Which is why the episode shouldn't have judged an
entire civilisation.

When did the episode ever do that?
When Janeway failed to chastise B'Elanna for her actions in the mess hall. When Janeway sympathised with B'Elanna's viewpoint and suggested that she take her case to one of the aliens before they leave the ship. You know, that whole final act.

As for the rest of it, I still have the feeling that you would have rather seen them as islamic extremists, since the episode did strongly suggest that they were more like the Amish.
It has nothing to do with what way I wanted the Regressives to be portrayed, I just wanted them to be shown to me as the society they were supposed to be rather than only seeing lover-boy. I can't judge a group of people based off of experiences with one individual, that is a message that Star Trek has shoved down my throat time and again, except in this case where they do just the opposite.

Answer me this; would it have ruined the episode from your point of view if they had one lousy scene where B'Elanna went to see lover-boy in his home and saw how these people lived? They didn't do that and it is a failing on the part of this episode that it chose not to explore the social issue as well as it should have.

Because think about it - would extremists have let themselves being cattled of like sheep to the slaughterhouse?
If people with guns told them to do so and they had no choice... well, they'd have no choice.

To me, Remember worked as that sort of illustration.
Fine, it worked for you and it didn't work for me. That doesn't make me wrong, it just means that I wanted something more than what we got. It failed to satisfy my demands. let's end this at Future's End.
I just finished watching Future's End, Part 1 and I'm still thinking about it. The score is still in a state of flux.
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