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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

^^ Tachyon, I really like your J/C takes. Very convincing. Did you grab Mulgrew's face from something outside Voyager? I can't tell if that's her hair or if you grafted her face on another woman's head. Btw, just a suggestion... on the edging of the hair, try using a 3px eraser at 15%. It'll soften up the line so it blends in with the background.

Thanks for the hints. I did try the contrast rebalancing, but didn't like how it affected the lighting... but if the nails are excluded it just might work. Also, the idea of using the skin from his head as a partially opaque layer sounds interesting, bullethead. I've not played with the blending tool much. When trying to do these more complicated edits it becomes all the more clear how important it is to become more knowledgeable of the tools, so that one can draw upon what makes sense. It'll be interesting to see what will work best.
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