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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

Gary7 wrote: View Post
There's something else I'm kind of stuck on... introducing Sisko. I can't figure out how to colorize white skin to brown. I assume that there must be a reasonable way to do it. First, I tried taking a copy of the hands, perform a desaturation, then try to introduce a brownish tone. I couldn't get Photoshop to give me brown tones. I also tried simple hue shifts and darkening... wouldn't work. I then thought about trying a color matching from his facial skin tones, but that seems way too tedious. Any ideas?

You should play with the color balance a little too. I don't have much time today, but here is an alternate attempt...

Tachyon wrote: View Post
This pic is called "Tension". (Yes, I name my pictures. Ha ha. The above with Picard and Bev is called "Dinner in France".)

Wow... it is images like that that make me wonder what happen after Voyager returned. That would have made for an interesting episode.
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