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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

And the biased viewpoint of one person is not a good standpoint to judge an entire civilisation.

Which is why the episode shouldn't have judged an
entire civilisation.

When did the episode ever do that?

As for the rest of it, I still have the feeling that you would have rather seen them as islamic extremists, since the episode did strongly suggest that they were more like the Amish.

Because think about it - would extremists have let themselves being cattled of like sheep to the slaughterhouse?

The bible holds no weight with me.

Because it wasn't... ah never mind.

Every country in the world does this.

As I already said in my first post. And why I feel that a socially responsible entertainment should remind us this question - that how true the images of our heroic past really are. Propaganda of the past has a tendency to reappear in the most ugliest ways. Modern day Russia has adapted the image of World War II of the stalinistic propaganda movies, rather than the less-glorious and more accurate version.

Better example: Hollywood produes a film after film of the evil of Nazi's, letting everyone forget that America too had concentration camps in World War II, as it was the contemporary zeitgeist. Everyone had them, but giving the nazi's more spotlight gives us the chance to forget our own evils in WWII.

To me, Remember worked as that sort of illustration. To you it didn't. We both raised our voices and raged (or not, raged just rhymes with raised), now let's end this at Future's End.

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