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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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However Jimmy Boy you might have gotten a little too personal in your criticizing of GodBen's position...
One must try to be civil in such discussions...
No, it wasn't personal but more of humorous exaggeration. Re-read it in John Cleese's voice, perhaps that will help to make the intended tone clearer.

"Now I'm lost.

If you are referring to my joke about wanting to kill all conservative people then that was a joke, as evidenced by the fact that I was advocating killing millions of innocent people.

And I've never watched a single John Wayne film."

I was refering to this: "For all we know the propaganda could be true, they could be unruly and trying to bring down normal society."

And this: "As I also said, the episode doesn't show us what life was like for these Regressives, we are just led to believe that they weren't really a threat to society. I don't agree with the death penalty, but I could understand why some societies would use it if there was extremist groups trying to undermine society."

Which to me reads: "In some cases genocide is great fun" and so I paraphrased it in humorous exaggeration.

I said how in the episode, a romantic idyll was created out of what really happened.

America has created a romantic idyll out of Wild West - of the progress of civilization, of Manifest Destiny, of uncivilized non-humans and great manly men who stand behind traditional american values, the idea that there has always been an american and like every american he surfs the chaos to bring order.

This romantic idyll has been built on the annihiliation of entire nations - but who cares - because westerns are so much fun. So what I was doing is that I said that your quotes above me sound like that: "sometimes genocide is great fun, especially if a brilliant romantic idyll is created out of that - like the early westerns."

"Lots of modern democracies saw vile acts during the struggle for their foundation, including my own. That doesn't make the acts right, but it doesn't invalidate the society which forms from them."

Yes it does, if them vile acts are hushed over to portray the founders as representatives of traditional idyllic family values and so on. "Thou shallt not built your house on bullshit, for bullshit is not solid, but on truth" it's in the bible somewhere.

"I can't help but think this was a reference to me saying this about 'Sacred Ground"


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