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O-Town, Part III

O-Town, Part III

“Also agreed.” Doc said, “We’ve got to find that flux capacitor and get a hold of Marty before the universe as we know it is altered.”

“Let me talk to another member of my team to straighten things out.” Tom said as he headed to the Delta Flyer.

“Alright.” Doc replied as Tom headed into the Delta Flyer

“Is he always high strung?” Celes observed.

“It’s one of his little eccentricities.” Clara replied, “What about you, Celes are you married?”

“No.” Celes replied with a mild blush at the question, “And please call me Tal.”

“OK, Tal.” Clara said, “But why would you want me to call you by your last name?”

“It’s my first actually.” Tal replied. At Clara’s quizzical look Celes added, “It’s a Bajoran tradition. Our first name is where humans place the last name and our family name is where humans place the first.”

“Oh yes. I remember Emmett telling me about some cultures of Earth’s Orient have similar traditions with their names.” Clara replied.

Based on the data that Dr. Brown had given her about the flux capacitor, Celes was modifying her tricorder to detect it. She could see Henry and Doc near the front end of the Jules Verne Train talking about something that she couldn’t quite make out.

“So what about you and Henry?” Clara asked.

“We’re just friends.” Tal replied.

“I would have guessed you were something more.” Clara replied, “He certainly can be protective of you.”

“He can be.” Celes replied.

“I can tell he cares for you deeply.” Clara replied.

“Do you really think so?” Celes asked as she finished her final adjustments to her tricorder.

“Yes.” Clara replied, “Though why he doesn’t say anything is beyond me.”

Meanwhile Doc and Henry were talking about the DeLorean.

“So you’ve got a sensor that can locate where the DeLorean is?” Henry asked.

“Precisely. I have placed a tracking beacon into all of the Institute’s time traveling vehicles in case this sort of situation were to occur.” Doc replied.

“So its reasonable where they have the DeLorean they have Marty.” Henry concluded.

“It’s a logical conclusion, yes.” Doc Brown replied.

They were interrupted just then by the sound of an engine and the subsequent sound of something wrong with it.

“Where are you going?” Brown asked as he heard Henry clomping into the underbrush towards the road.

“Someone’s in trouble.” Henry replied.

“Jumping gigawatts! You can’t let the people of this world see you or the advanced technology you wield!” Dr. Brown replied.

“For Christ’s Sake. I’m Search and Rescue Operative. I have to help people in any danger. If anything else.” Henry replied.

Celes heard the commotion and she and Clara headed over to where Doc was trying to chase Henry down as the latter crashed through the bushes.

“Henry! Wait.” Celes replied, “What’s going on?”

“There was an engine that just stalled. For all I know it could be an accident and someone could be needing help.” Henry replied.

“Henry. The Prime Directive...” Celes began.

“Yes. I know about the directive. But there could be injured people out there and I’ll be damned if I let anyone suffer.” Henry replied.

“Henry at least try and disguise yourself.” Celes replied.

“Here take my coat.” Emmett replied and handed Henry his long duster coat.

Henry draped the coat over his shoulders before heading out of the treeline towards the road. A small red compact automobile was stalled out beside the road.

The hood was popped open as an anthromorphic wallaby wearing shoes and a blue collared shirt with purple triangles on it was peering down the hood.

“Oh blazes! Stupid car....”

“Need a hand mate?” came a shout.

Rocko just about jumped and banged his head on the metal hood of the car.

He noticed a human wearing a long coat over a black suit that had a teal band at the shoulders with a gray turtleneck underneath it.

“Sure.” Rocko replied.

Henry put out a hand, “Henry.”

Rocko put a hand out, “Rocko.”

“What seems to be the problem?” Henry asked.

“Where to begin.” Rocko began, “First one of my friends fell in with this sausage worshiping crowd, and now they’re holding him captive...”

“Sausage worshiping crowd?” Henry replied.

“Long story.” Rocko replied, “And they’re holding him captive and what’s more my car stalled. And then this jerk with tacky sunglasses nearly ran me off the road...”

“Where’d he come from?” Henry asked, recalling a description given by Doc Brown of members of Biff’s gang.

“I don’t know. I think he came from up the road where that sausage crowd lived at.” Rocko replied.

Meanwhile Emmett, Clara, and Celes were hiding in the nearby underbrush. Thankfully Henry had enough foresight to keep an open com link with Celes.

“3-D. Great Scott!” Emmett began.

“3-D?” Celes asked.

“One of Biff Tannen’s gang.” Clara replied.

“So it sounds like this sausage worshiping cult has fallen in with Biff’s gang and Armus.” Celes replied, “And wherever they are is where the Delorean is.”

Through the com link they could hear Henry talk to Rocko some more.

“So where is this sausage worshiping cult hold court?” Henry asked.

“It’s about seven miles up the road in that direction.” Rocko said as he pointed to the north east.

As they spoke Doc Brown checked his tracking device which confirmed the DeLorean’s location. “Celes, can you tell if the flux capacitor is anywhere near?”

“No. Unfortunately my tricorder modification only gives me a 2.5 kilometer radius of information.” Celes replied.

“We have a location.” Brown said, “Now all we need is more information on this cult.”

“I’ve gotta let Tom know.” Celes replied and tapped her com badge, “Celes to Ensign Paris, I’ve got an open com link with Lieutenant Kano who’s talking to a local about the DeLorean and Biff. Patching it through now.”

“Acknowledged, thanks Celes.” Tom replied.

Meanwhile Henry was talking with Rocko, “I’m admittedly not a mechanic, mate, but I’ve got a friend of mine who could be of some help.”

Henry gestured towards the treeline and reluctantly Rocko followed.

“Damn! Don’t bring him here!” Emmett said looking like he was about to explode.

Celes tapped her com badge, “Tom can you come over”


“So let me get this straight.” Dalby began, as he came out of the small rear compartment where he was fixing another system, “We’re going to help these people who have some time traveling machines. They have this Institute of Future Technology which makes these things. And one of these time machines went missing. Some very nasty characters are in cahoots with this walking oil slick from Enterprise-D’s past and we’ve agreed to help this Doc Brown find his time machine?”

“More or less.” Tom replied.

Just then Tom’s com badge chittered, “Tom can you come over”

Concerned with the urgent tone in her voice Tom said, “On my way.”
He heard Henry talking with this Rocko character some more. Something about someone handy with cars.

“That’s my cue.” Tom said as he headed out to the clearing where Henry was about to lead Rocko to the Delta Flyer.

He headed over to the anthromorphic wallaby right when Henry introduced him.

“Rocko, this is Tom, our expert on automobiles.” Henry replied.

“Thanks.” Rocko replied as Tom poked his head inside.

“’s the problem. It sounds like your carburetor’s having some issues.” Tom said as he poked his head inside there.

For another half hour or so Tom was making adjustments before saying, “Try it now.”

Rocko started the engine and it chugged to life. “Thank you.”

“Wait, what can you tell us about this sausage cult?” Tom asked Rocko.

“How do you know about that?” Rocko asked.

“Let’s say I have my ways.” Tom replied.

“They convinced my best friend to join their cult when he was just out looking for a meal. And now he’s being held captive by the sausage people and its all my fault.” Rocko replied.

“Those sausage people have a friend of ours too.” Tom replied, “We might just have a common enemy here. And we might be able to be of some help. If you want it that is...”

“Of course.” Rocko said, “Is there something you want in return...”

“No. Just your help with dealing with this sausage cult.” Tom replied.

Rocko watched in amazement as Tom tapped the strange looking brooch on his shirt, “Guys, lets go have a chat with our friend Rocko here.”

From out of the trees Rocko saw four more people emerge. The first was a wild eyed fellow with long-ish white hair, the second was a brown haired woman in a purple dress, then there were two others dressed kind of like Tom and Henry. The first of the two strangers was a young man who wore a uniform identical to Henry’s. The second was a woman with a few ridges on her nose and the band of color at her shoulders was gold and not red or teal like Henry or Tom.

“Rocko, my friends. This is Doctor Emmett Brown and his wife, Clara. And the other two are Crewman William Telfer and Crewman Celes Tal.” Tom said.

“Blimey.” Rocko blinked twice as he regarded the lot of them, “So where do you come from?”

“It’s sort of a long story.” Tom replied and began to explain. He paused occasionally to let Rocko grasp the explanation and let things sink in.

“So you four...” Rocko said as he indicated Tom, Henry, Celes and Telfer, “Are part of some Federation Starfleet and you were stranded in some distant part of your galaxy.”

“That’s right.” Telfer replied.

“And you are part of an institute that studies future technology by means of time travel and recently have become aware of other dimensions.” Rocko said, indicating Emmett and Clara, “And a friend of yours is missing and being held captive by these sausage people that have Heff...”

“And these sausage people have joined forces with bad guys from both of your worlds. To include a walking oil slick that’s a second skin of pure evil from your world...” Rocko said and indicated the Starfleet group before pointing to Clara and Doc Brown, “...and the other a corrupt industrialist from an alternate version of your world?”

“Precisely!” Doc Brown said with another wild gesture.

“Oh boy...” Rocko said and promptly fainted....


To be continued...Up next, the plan to rescue Heffer, Marty and the Delorean and the race to find the flux capacitor before 3-D.
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