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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

The Chain of Command 2 parter was initially meant as a crossover with DS9... but then it became clear that these episodes would air before DS9 started
Interesting, although the way it all played out, it was probably best that they did CoC first. It left TNG ending '92 on an incredible dramatic high, and I'm sure the Trek audience were ready to lap up anything the franchise threw at them next. Fortunately, Emissary didn't disappoint.

(Ending 02.07.93)
TNG: Aquiel (Airdate 02.01.93)
DS9: Q-Less (Airdate 02.07.93)

Well. It's one thing for one show to have a weak episode in a week, but BOTH shows?

One's a murder mystery that, despite some nice little moments and early intrigue, sadly becomes all-too pedestrian and predictable -they oversold Aquiel as the potential killer, so the big reveal of 'pooch' being the Evil Peanut was hardly surprising.

The other's a light-hearted Q romp, with a station-jeopardy b-plot, the second one in two weeks. This one too is quite obvious (the beautiful object from the Gamma Quadrant was the cause? No wai!), and overly technobabbly. Q's scene with Sisko is classic, of course, but overall I'm not sure there were many looking for a follow-up to Vash's storyline.

Who wins, then? Eh, DS9, I guess. Personally, I'm more fond of the mysterious energy alien than the Evil Peanut alien. To paraphrase Q, it filled me with a sense of... wonder.

Weekly Winner

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