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Re: Lost 5x13: "Some Like It Hoth"

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The biggest shocker this evening: Widmore is NOT behind Illana and the "shadow of the statute" conspiracy. So that leaves A) Ben, B) Modern Day Dharma, C) unknown new party.
I thought about Modern Day Dharma as a possibility.
I think that's the most logical answer. That doesn't mean it's necessarily correct.
I agree that modern day Dharma makes the most sense. Though the other potential player would be Eloise Hawking. Could even have something to do with whatever Faraday does in the 1970s, during the years that he was off-Island, before he returns in the sub.

In fact, even if there's no connection to Ilana & friends, I do think it would be really cool to have Faraday, while he's on the mainland in the 1970s, arrange for circumstances to play out in the future such that they all end up getting rescued, and brought back to 2007.
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