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Re: WWE - The Undertaker to Retire in 2010

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Is it wrong that I want to see more of a focus on wrestling and less of a focus on "tits, money, bling and hoes"? Because what I'm seeing is the latter, and not the former, when I let my remote briefly rest on WWE these days.

Oh, it's always been that way in the WWF/E. It's just gotten worse as time went on. You used to have big storylines and 5 star matches on TV. Now, they save all that for the Pay Per View. And they had way better actual wrestlers back in the day IMO. But perhaps I'm being nostalgic.
I have Wrestlemania VI on VHS. I still love it. THAT was an event. What we have now is as you said, what we used to have on our weekly shows except now you pay $50 to see it on TV as Pay Per View.

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