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Re: WWE - The Undertaker to Retire in 2010

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At a WWE house show in Dublin, Ireland, ring announcer Tony Chimmel announced that their next tour of Europe will be the Undertaker's retirement tour - "The Undertaker - Rest in Peace Tour".

The dates suggest his final match will most likely be at Wrestlemania 26.
Which means he will lose his unbeaten record what is it 18-0 ? because no one retires at the WWE by a happy ending. They should make his last match either against Kane or Austin though go for a match to be remembered...

Undertaker vs. Hogan last match for both would be amazing.
We all know Hogan will never have a last match. He's like Kiss. They give a farewell tour every year.

I haven't watched in years. The writing got to be so stale, boring, and predictable. Even by later WCW standards the writing was bad. HHH was squashing any new potential money maker who he saw as a threat to his top spot because he was married to the bosses daughter. Most of the new main eventers sucked. Most of the entertaining people had left. It wasn't worth my time anymore. I've checked little bits out here and there. But sadly, nothing's changed in 10 years. I really hope another company can take Vince to town soon. I might start watching again. TNA has a lot of good talent, but their production and writing leaves alot to be desired.
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