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Re: episodes that are part of two different TV series

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Problem is your original crossover idea seemed limited to -oddly- series' shows that appeared on another series' DVD set. We've taken that idea and expanded it to something more worthy of discussion.
It's just more fun to link shows in this manner than to talk about what show appeared in another's DVD set. Because such an occurance doesn't really mark the episode as being part of two series as doing such a thing is really a marketing gimmick.
You misunderstand my reason for starting this thread. It wasn't my "original crossover idea". My idea had nothing to do with crossovers. I wish to write a list of all the episodes, movies, novels, comics, reference books and video games in a franchise, kind of like this list here:
Ideally, everything in the list should be arranged in order of release but there are some TV shows like Firefly that were shown in an order that doesn't make sense and were release on DVD in a different order. Unaired pilot episodes were never shown on TV at all. This is the reason for two of my recent threads:
In these situations, using DVD order is preferrable. But DVD order can't be used if some episodes exist on more than one DVD collection. Therefore, there needs to be something special about a DVD collection for DVD order to supersedes airdate order. The DVD collection must have deleted scenes, or it must be a Blu-Ray collection. Either way works for Firefly. But if I find an episode that exists in two different DVD collections and BOTH of those collections have deleted scenes then this rule won't work and I'll have to think of a different rule.

That's my original reason for this thread. Bizarre, isn't it?
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