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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Remember sucks.

Hello sir, I'm here to say that you are wrong. But first... let me congratulate you on your excellent thread. In fact it was because of you I became a regular reader of this place, since I was about to watch through the entire Voyager almost at the same time as you... with the difference that I'm a first-time watcher and slightly ahead of you... anyway I never intended to join as I always agreed with you with you anyway and I would have just been a waste of forum space... but you managed to irritate me enough with your complete disregard of Remember.

So sir, you are so wrong that you give all people who are wrong a bad name. You are wrong because Remember is one of the best Voyager episodes yet. Firstly, it gave the actor actual acting gig - Roxanne really became that girl - which I've noticed Voyager doesn't too very often. Secondly, the "Yes! Yes! Yes!" scene was beautiful poetic "shit bitch" moment. Thirdly - since quite a few countries in the world don't admit their parts in genocides, war crimes, participations in bad things (funding other governments who solve poverty by killing the poor for example) and prefer to portray themselves as "the good folk who are obviously blessed by God and righteousness" - or even if they admit, they still prefer to continue with righteousness attitude and just shrug it off as a necessity of progress or something else (all these things took place in this episode in some form or another) - it's the role of a socially responsible entertainer/artist to remind that this still exists and is still going on. Just about any book on historiography will give great examples of these things.

Also, Star Trek - being a socialist utopia of fairness and justice - could never say things like "in some cases though, genocide is great fun - like killing injuns for example, because who of us don't like them good old John Wayne movies" as you seem to be implying what you wanted to see in the episode. So obviously genocide is wrong in Trek-universe, because building rightousness and romantical images of idyll on the dead raped bodies of your innocent victims is called bullshit and a wrong one too.

And I didn't feel as Remember was preachy or anything. It just showed it. It was more of an illustration of all similar situations in earth history. That B'Elanna storms the party to say "Bullshit is what you say and bullshit is what you are!!!" didn't feel to me as we were supposed to rage with fury with B'Elanna. I mean, Janeway facepalmed... with just her eyes, but it were those "facepalm" eyes.

And another thing - to say that Janeway treating those aliens harshly after B'Elanna is like treating a young teenager jap wrong because of WWII because is the same is wrong, because that episode strongly indicated, that the old aliens were directly involved in those events. So it's more like treating coldly someone who participated in the Rape of Nanking and portraying himself as the embodiement of idyllic life and traditional family values, than treating coldly someone who is probably more versed in anime than you are.

Also, if I were you, I'd add 0.5 stars if the episode gives the actor actual acting to do - whether the script evolved the character or not. End of rant.

Sacred Grounds sucks, but it's better than Remember.

I agree with sucking, but to say that one of the most mediocre episodes of Voyager is better than one of the best Voyager episodes is illogical.

I loved the three old people, brilliant actors with that good calming presence. But other than that, Sacred Grounds is one of the typical New Age spiritualism episodes that the late 90's saw in many shows. I also like how Trek spent so much of it's time to destroy everything supernatural about the universe and then tries to bring the supernatural back by dabbling in cheap paperpack esotericism books spirituality.
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