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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

Tachyon wrote: View Post
I don't find the lightning problematic. I would suggest that you'd resize Chakotay's head shot a little bit smaller. Maybe Doc's head shot could have a little less contrast in it. Not much, but just a little bit. It could do the trick. Overall, the pic is very good.
brian wrote: View Post
My first impressions were that Chakotay's head should be a wee bit smaller, and the doctor seems a little brightly lit. Tuvok is spot-on, though.
It's a bit of a problem for me... I do tend to make the heads a little larger than they probably should be (and I've noticed that's a typical problem for those skills in Photoshop are just beginning). I had actually scaled down Chakotay's head before this take. But I'll give it another try. And yes, I didn't spend much time on the lighting for the Doc. I'll see if I can back it off a bit. Thanks for the feedback.
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