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Re: STNG continues on in Bluray..with great packaging!

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I still like the E-D from TATV better than even the Generations Enterprise. THAT is how I want it to look in the future.

I think this is the first time I've ever heard someone on this forum say something positive about "These Are The Voyages...". Figures it would be about the special effects rather than something about the story. Also, I got excited by that last post when I thought it was about "The Best of TNG" set...with only one disc of episodes, it could use some special features. Another full series DVD set isn't something to get so excited about, though. Even if it's in a new format and has new extras...the seven seasons have already been released so many times, this is too much. I think they're just milking it and ripping off the fans at this point. Especially with those featurettes trying to link the new Star Trek movie to TNG when they obviously have nothing to do with each other...just a marketing ploy to get more money.
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