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Re: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe: Genre babe of the week #17 (Apr. 2009)

Aragorn wrote: View Post
Doesn't winking after that sentence mean you DID get the hint?

Susan B. Anthony is the alias her Prison Break character used when she first appeared on the show. I think. I've never actually seen an episode.
Yeah, she first calls herself Susan B. Anthony but now she's simply called Gretchen.

Thumbs sideways. She's hot but there just... "something" about her.

She's a bit of a bitchface but I may be reading to much of her character in it and her character's introductory season (last season) didn't do a whole lot to endear me to her and she was trying too hard to be "EEEEEVELLLLL!!!" and at the same time sensuous.

So. Sideways but mostly on preception through her character on Prison Break.
Out of hope.
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