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Re: episodes that are part of two different TV series

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Try this on for size:

St. Elsewhere and Homicide had crossovers.

St. Elsewhere, as previously mentioned, is connected to Cheers, which we've established is connected to many other NBC sitcoms.

The X-Files crossed over with Homicide. So NOW we can link Homicide, X-Files, St. Elsewhere and the NBC sitcoms!

Homicide and Law & Order also had crossovers so we can throw that into the mix as well.

And if we *really* want to get convoluted (though this one is far more a stretch)

Shirley Schmidt on Boston Legal is invited out to dinner to a restaurant in Boston called "Melvilles"

Sound familiar? Melvilles was the restaurant above Cheers. So while not a direct "crossover" of characters it's a name drop that's obviously supposed to infer a connection to Cheers. If we accept this connection, we've obviously got to toss the Boston Legal and The Practice onto the heap of the "Cheers Universe."
Which means ultimately "Boston Legal" and "The Dick Van Dyke" show are in the same universe! Weird.

You know, if we keep going with this sooner or later we're going to work Star Trek into all of this!
if you believe Poobala, Star Trek crossovers with Knightrider, putting it in the same group as Las Vegas, Crossing Jordan, Bewitched, Passions & the Office (US)
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