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Re: Lost 5x13: "Some Like It Hoth"

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The biggest shocker this evening: Widmore is NOT behind Illana and the "shadow of the statute" conspiracy. So that leaves A) Ben, B) Modern Day Dharma, C) unknown new party.
I thought about Modern Day Dharma as a possibility.
I think that's the most logical answer. That doesn't mean it's necessarily correct.

But, consider, we know it's not Widmore and it's probably not Ben. Dharma was a well funded, large operation. Sure, it's people were killed on the island but that doesn't mean the organization would've suddenly ceased to exist. A lot of the science results would've been transfered off the island regularly, meaning much of it would've survived the purge. Dharma has to have been doing something in those years with all of their resources, knowledge of the island, and the time!

Mr Awe
i thought i read in Lostpedia that someone from the WIdmore on thee board of the Hanso Foundation....all of that has to come into play next season.

The Dharma drops...why was all of that continuing?
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