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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

I think someone else said it before, but the ultimate root cause of the Fall, billions of lives lost, to have been a father, understandably and selfishly trying to save whatever he could of his daughter...

That's some heavy right there.
Heavy and then some. It's not the technology. It's the mistakes the humans keep making that makes the cycle repeat. All other humans keep having to pay the price. Then the cylons become so human--on old Earth and in the civil war in Galactica's space--that they do the same thing.

Daniel didn't care what Zoe wanted. He shut out her best friend who was obviously mourning her death. Lied to her to get the codes then locked her out of the house for good. Enticed Joseph to steal. All because of his own pain, (and who could blame him for feeling that pain) but he showed no wisdom. Would Daniel have shown mercy if Zoe-A had acted like Tamara-A? The horrible thing is that while her avatar may technically be "alive" it's not really Zoe. It's a remnant of Zoe, a ghost of her, a copy, whatever you want to call it. Zoe didn't conspire with Ben to bomb the train but that's what people will believe if the information about her being a monotheist ever comes out. She intended for her avatar to be used for good and to change the decadence as she told Ben and Lacy in the v-club at the beginning. Whether that intent was realistic or not is questionable, but Daniel in his desperation to get her back made Zoe's legacy the destruction of everything. Her avatar made it possible. Zoe-A not only is afraid of people....are people really like that?....but she never had any autonomy. Not from day one of her existence when Zoe called the shots. Now Daniel's trapped her in a centurion body. Sounds like a recipe for murderous rebellion to me, and the bitch of it is that it isn't really Zoe. Daniel never would have had his daughter back.

What a horrific footprint to leave behind. All because you uploaded your memory patterns into a computer.

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