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Re: episodes that are part of two different TV series

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^Yep. It's a shame that they weren't quite able to work out that ER/Friends crossover. (George Clooney & one of the other actors from ER did play doctors on Friends but they weren't the same doctors since ER is set in Chicago and Friends takes place in New York.)
Noah Wile (Dr. Carter) and Doug Ross (Clooney) did show up in a first or second season episode of "Friends" as dates to Rachel and Monica, yep. I'm not sure if we're ever told their names but they were doctors in a local NYC hospital. Maybe Drs. Carter and Ross filled in at a NYC hospital that weekend?

They had different names. According to this link :

"You see the doctors they met while at the ER were played by George Clooney and Noah Wyle of the TV show ER. Only, even though they were playing "ER doctors” they weren't playing their characters from ER. On ER Noah Wyle played Dr. John Carter. On Friends he played Dr. Jeffrey Rosen. On ER Clooney was Dr. Doug Ross, on Friends he was Dr. Michael Mitchell."
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