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Re: Lost 5x13: "Some Like It Hoth"

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I just randomly flipped to the rerun of Miles' introductory flashback scene in "Confirmed Dead" and the rules of ghostbusting seem to be completely contradictory from what they said in last night's episode. In this one, he goes up to the dead son's room and tells him to stop haunting his mom and to tell him where the money is. There is a thunk sound revealing the vent where the money is hidden. Then he leaves saying to move on and leave his mom alone. This suggests that the ghost IS intelligent and he DOES communicate with it, rather than just hear mindless memory echoes like he said in "Hoth".
maybe it can work both ways for him, he's still right that he doesn't actually see the person though, like hurley does
But he also told Hurley that once you are dead the brain shuts down. No "talking" only remembering what was there before they died.
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