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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Remember (*)

What is worse than an episode which could have been done on TNG? How about an episode which was already done on TNG? Okay, that's not entirely fair, only the first half was a copy of Violations, the second half was its own story. My big problem with this episode is the first half which I feel is entirely unneeded and seems to just be there to fill time. Once you get to the second half of the story it gets better.

Even still, the second half suffers from some major problems, the biggest of which is that we never get to see how the Regressives live so it is hard to judge them. For all we know the propaganda could be true, they could be unruly and trying to bring down normal society, the episode just wants us to side with B'Elanna unquestionably. Or maybe the memories were distorted, they did come from a woman on the brink of death after all.

The entire episode hinges on a plea to emotion rather than rational thought based on evidence, that is not how an exploration of societal issues should be handled. There is a good story in here somewhere, but it is hidden behind the gimmick of telepathic memories which take up most of the story. And even though Roxann Dawson is on screen for most of the episode, there is no character exploration of B'Elanna because most of the time she is playing someone else. This episode was TNG fare, and it wasn't even good TNG fare.

Ah well, I'll probably forget it again by next month.
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