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Re: Lost 5x13: "Some Like It Hoth"

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EDIT TO ADD: I also wondered if the writers know that fillings in teeth are not made of magnetic metals.
Did they say the filling was pulled through his brain because of the magnetics? I just assumed it was an 'island' thing. like he was somewhere where he shouldn't have been.

Miles didn't pick him up from the swan.

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But something struck me as odd. Sawyer made reference to Miles' talking to the dead ability a week or so ago, but Hurley only now found out?
Did Miles' sixth sense come up while they were unstuck in time? Even if it didn't, Sawyer and Miles have been together for three years; Hurley just arrived.
When they were back in 1954, being marched at gunpoint back to the other's camp. Miles said he just walked over the grave of 3 soldiers. a conversation about his abilities ensued.
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