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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Third year in a row with 3 English teams in the SFs. If Chelsea knock out Barcelona then 7 of the last 10 finalists will have been English, and no English team will have been knocked out by foreign opposition for 2 years.
Another way of posing one of those stats is English teams have reached the Finals five years running.

To a footballer who values that medal, it is becoming increasingly clear the safest bet to get to the finals, and therefore win, is through the English Big 4. The transfer market is a complex and chaotic thing; and big clubs outside of England like Madrid, Barcelona, Inter, will always have a good shot at their transfer targets. But teams right below that level, Bayern, Juve, etc., may lose a good player or two if the choice comes down to them or the Big 4. And so the cycle will continue.
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