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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Daedalus12 wrote: View Post
With the large influx of foreigns player into the big 3 domestic leagues (England, Italy and Spain) I think it's no longer relevant to talk about the nationality of those particular clubs particularily as a source of pride. I mean Liverpool's best attacker is a Spaniard while Milan's best midfielder is a Braziliian. Arsenal is really a French club in North London while Inter is an Argentine one with a couple of Brazillians sprinkled about.
That's true, but those clubs all retain a strong sense of identity, despite having a minority of English or Italian players. It's the fans that make the club, not the players. National pride probably is misplaced, but local pride remains as strong as ever.

TheArsenal wrote: View Post
Funny. In one month's time, Arsenal play United twice in Champions League, once in the league, and possibly again in the FA Cup final if both teams go through.

They'll be sicker of each other than they already are.
Well do us a favour - roll over at Anfield, but beat them in all three (or four). We'll take the league, and Arsenal can have a cup double.
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