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Re: Lost 5x13: "Some Like It Hoth"

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Great things about the ep: learning the backstory of Miles who's been a mystery for 1.5 years now. confirming Chang is Miles' Father.
I guess I just didn't realize it was that big of a mystery. Everything with Miles last night was kind of "well Duh, already new that." Nothing we hadn't already figured out. If they would have shown how or why Miles has that ability it would have been more interesting.

the Miles n Hurley comedy hour.
Clearly the best part of the episode and I'd admit to enjoying that part.

the mysterious death connected to the Swan (ok this turned out to be mundane!). the relationship between Horace, Chang, and the "circle of trust". Naomi's return. The introduction of a new faction in the series (New Dharma?). Roger being a complete dick to Jack who was nice enough to work his shift for him. Daniel's surprise return (I was expecting to finally meet the DeGroots there).
Found that all to be pretty boring. Especially all the Dharma stuff since we know ultimately what's going to happen to them and it can't be changed. What happened, happened.

The (possibly) new faction is somewhat interesting (I figure it's part of Ben's organization actually) but for the most part I'm past caring about all the cloak and dagger bullshit.

EDIT TO ADD: I also wondered if the writers know that fillings in teeth are not made of magnetic metals.
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