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Re: Lost 5x13: "Some Like It Hoth"

Above average. Lost is in this great production mode where it cranks about above average episodes more consistently than I think I've ever seen any series before. And, I'm a pretty tough reviewer to impress. This series has just been a total joy for quite some time now. They've particularly excelled at having interesting plot developments nearly every single episode AND keeping their characters interesting at the same time. Kudos to all involved.

I don't have many comments about the story. Interesting but not surprising that Chang is Mile's dad. Obviously we'll be seeing the incident where Mile's mom runs away with baby Miles and adult Mile's will see that incident in an entirely different light. The banter between Miles and Hurley was particularly amusing. Kind of neat seeing the hatch being built and stamped. Guessing that it was a strong magnetic field that pulled the crown through that guys brain.

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