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Re: Lost 5x13: "Some Like It Hoth"

I gave this an Above Average, which is a bit of a step down from last week's Ben and Locke-fest. Still a good episode though.

After reading here about the title and the link to Empire Strikes Back I wasn't so surprised about Miles being Chang's son. Hurley 'writing' ESB for George Lucas though was funny as hell. Especially the bit about if Luke had just *talked* to Vadar, we wouldn't have had Ewoks!

Hurley's numbers being etched onto the 'new' hatch was creepy, as were the new players that picked up Miles in the van and told him he was playing for the wrong team. 'What's in the shadow of the statue?' I don't know! Again! It's got me intrigued anyway. They have nothing to do with Widmore, but I don't think they have anything to do with Ben either. Miles told them he wanted double what Widmore offered him, which turned out to be $3.2 million. Ben didn't know why 3.2 was significant back when Miles demanded it in season 4. I guess it also means the people from last week aren't diseased.

Curiouser and curiouser.
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