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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Angel4576 wrote: View Post
Platini and Blatter will no doubt be spitting feathers. Look out for some hair-brained Blatter scheme to try and usurp us; "Anyone playing against English opposition automatically starts with a 2-0 headstart".....or some other such bollocks.
As crazy as that sounds, that isn't even far-fetched for Blatter. Although I think he only says stuff like that to distract from the real issues FIFA faces, especially corruption.

Hermiod wrote: View Post
I don't buy that English teams, except Chelsea, are somehow so much richer than everyone else that nobody else has any good players. Foreign teams play a lot less games than us, too.

Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich etc all spend a lot of money on players yet they are out and Arsenal, who spend very little and often only take a small loss on their overall spending, are semi-finalists.
Yes, the English clubs do have much more money than almost everyone else. But Porto is a better example - they really aren't that rich (in comparison), and yet the got very close to the Champion League finals again, I don't know how they do it.
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