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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Third year in a row with 3 English teams in the SFs. If Chelsea knock out Barcelona then 7 of the last 10 finalists will have been English, and no English team will have been knocked out by foreign opposition for 2 years.

Even in the halcyon days of previous English, and then Italian and Spanish domination I can't remember anyone having it their own way this much.

Platini and Blatter will no doubt be spitting feathers. Look out for some hair-brained Blatter scheme to try and usurp us; "Anyone playing against English opposition automatically starts with a 2-0 headstart".....or some other such bollocks.

I had thought a Arsenal Vs Chelsea final, but now that United have edged through again I think it will be a repeat of last year's final again.
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