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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

Your work so far is truly creative and amazing Praetor.

I have throughly enjoyed reading all 10 chapters over the last hour and a half and look forward to what is yet to come.

I have only one stupid little nit...

Once you described how Sulu was elected President of the Federation (for three terms, no less!), should not the rest of the places he is described in the narrative, refer to him as President Sulu in honor of that accomplishment?

As for the number of Starfleet ships...

Should not one also consider the Size of Federation Space, when thinking about how many ships might be built?

While there may only be a few of the larger class of ships for exploration and such, any ship that could be considered a workhorse of the fleet would certainly have to be built in sufficient numbers to cover the extensive area that the Federation seems to have expanded to by the time of TNG.

Another thing to consider is the extraordinary length of time that has passed since the first introduction of the Excelsior Class and their rather unusual reliability, dependability and up-grading factor.

This would tend to also indicate that a much larger number of them have endured the test of time and survived to be added to the count.

Therefore to me anyway, hundreds of these type of ships being in service in various states of readiness, does not seem unreasonable.
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