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Re: Star Trek: Online update on interiors

Zinc from Cryptic Dev Team posted:

You will be taken to interiors during instanced missions. You'll go to them in persistent ways as well - mostly social, but also in other cases that I'm going to be vague about right now on purpose : ) - There are starbases, satellites, ship interiors (yes, ships), buildings on the ground, caverns under the earth or deep in asteroids - all sorts of places you'll adventure within interiors.

There will be plenty of interiors in the game at launch - there are plenty in the game right now ...

And for what we are wishing for a sandbox of ships to explore...

Sadly, what we won't have at launch is the ability for you to customize your own ship, invite other players over and walkaround, seeing hundreds of NPC crew members and investigate every nook, cranny and Jefferies tube on it.
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