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Re: Lost 5x13: "Some Like It Hoth"

3.5/4 Another enjoyable "Dharma Era" episode!

It's about time we finally learn what Miles' story is, 1.5 years after his introduction! And we get confirmation he's Chang's kid. Sweet. We ALSO see the construction of the Swan. I bet they stuck the worker's body in the Orchid teleporter and shot it to Tunisia to get rid of the evidence.

I enjoyed the Hurley and Miles pairing. They make a good comedic team.

Do they intentionally make Kate into the most annoying character ever? Hey Roger don't worry about your mysteriously abducted dying son I'm sure he's okay wink wink nudge nudge say no more no more!

The biggest shocker this evening: Widmore is NOT behind Illana and the "shadow of the statute" conspiracy. So that leaves A) Ben, B) Modern Day Dharma, C) unknown new party. Given that Ben knew the exact amount to offer Miles in early S4 it would seem that these people are with him. But that doesn't explain their post-crash actions against Ben or why Ben killed Cesar. Unless Cesar really was an innocent and not in on it? But why would Ben be mysteriously fleeing the survivors then? Could this be a collection of all the Natives exiled from the Island over the years that Ben is now offering a ticket back home just like he's getting?

FINALLY we see Faraday again. Yeesh. I was all excited about finally meeting the DeGroots. Hopefully in a Faraday flashback. And I would love to see Hanso too! So he's been working with the Dharma founders. My first thought was 'Faraday IS Gerald DeGroot!' but then I remembered he would have to have travelled to 1970 or sooner for that.
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