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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

WEEK 5: (Ending 01.31.93)
TNG: Ship In A Bottle (Airdate 01.25.93)
DS9: Captive Pursuit (Airdate 01.31.93)

Hm... it's a versus in more ways than one: Hologram Moriarty vs. Tosk.

On one hand, Moriarty was an interesting character when first introduced way back in S2 of TNG, raising questions about the nature of life and consciousness -it was nice to see the story followed upon. However, while the whole 'wall of mirrors' thing in the holodeck is cool for the 'didn't see that coming' factor, there's some serious plot holes that become quite obvious on repeated viewings (how could Picard, Data, and Barcley be so far apart during the simulation in such a contained space; if Moriarty had such control over the holodeck to create such an elaborate illusion, how did he not see through Picard's ruse; and so on). And in the end, the episode felt more like tying up a loose end (that a newer audience wasn't even aware of, for that matter) than building upon Moriarty's first appearance.

Tosk is an interesting character too, and in some ways more compelling than a sentient hologram. Here's a creature specifically bred a certain way, and is quite comfortable to remain within the confines of his existence, something us 'always growing' humans seem to have a hard time accepting (as Sisko's reaction to it all demonstrates). And fortunately for the episode, the drama that comes from it is great -O'Brien's the perfect person to play off of it too. And, if anything, Captive Pursuit did wonders to help Colm Meany shake off the TNG association folks probably still had for him -O'Brien really shines here.

Overall, Captive Pursuit is just a more entertaining hour of TV. Unless you're a HUGE Hologram Moriarty fan, DS9 definitely had a better episode for the week.

Weekly Winner

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