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Re: Mark Lenard & Trek Fandom

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Anybody remember Mark's performance as Sarek in Gene Roddenberry's Inside Star Trek LP from the Seventies? He basically beams up to wherever Roddnberry is supposed to be and talks about Spock's early life and conception, and he just does a wonderful job. It always struck me that when he eventually returned as Sarek in The Search for Spock, it never seemed like he was coming back to play a character (for only the second time onscreen) that he had not played in over a decade - seeing him in his role seemed as natural as anyone else in the cast.
While there may have been many years between his first and second appearance as Sarek (discounting TAS), Mark was a very regular guest at Trek Cons, so in a way, he had been in a position to work on the character through fan's questions and comments for well over a decade before STIII.
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