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Re: Mark Lenard & Trek Fandom

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Anybody remember Mark's performance as Sarek in Gene Roddenberry's Inside Star Trek LP from the Seventies? He basically beams up to wherever Roddnberry is supposed to be and talks about Spock's early life and conception, and he just does a wonderful job.
Yup, just listened to that track about a week ago, in fact.

I met Mr. Lenard at a convention circa 1989 or so. I was trying to navigate my way from a crowded dealer's table when I stepped on someone's foot. I turned around to apologize and was face-to-face with Mark Lenard. I apologized, and he was quite graceful in acdepting it. Let me tell, as impressive as his voice was on tee-vee, it was ten times so in person. I've known radio announcers who would kill to have that kind of voice. Seemed like a real gentleman and class act all the way.
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