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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

The cylons had to get there monotheism from somewhere. Ellen said the Final Five didn't give it to them. Zoe's degraded, corrupted consciousness is trapped in there. Some remnant of it has to survive in the others. Zoe's the monotheist--you do the math. Daniel is still working on the cylon robotic models. Maybe he's trying to resurrect the data stream in the future models, maybe it transmits from Zoe prototype herself. There's a remnant of Zoe Graystone's monotheistic consciousness in all the centurions. There has to be. Or the prototype teaches the others. This girl's consciousness is the catalyst. Her avatar didn't want the download to work. She didn't ask for it. Daniel took the data without permission. There's anger wrapped up in all of it--justifiable rage. Now her consciousness is trapped in this foreign body. It's all very sci fi and sinister. I love it. It wouldn't damage my impressions of BSG in retrospect at all. It ties everything together. Monotheistic robots? Actually, it's a pretty clever explanation. Zoe-A was scared of people, people who could enjoy the human sacrifice in the virtual nightclub. Now she's trapped. I see a genesis for genuine contempt of humanity.

I like it.

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