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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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10) The episode was written to be a cool tie-in to TUC but is centered on the death of a character (Valtain) WHO IS VERY MUCH ALIVE AT THE END OF THE MOVIE!!!!

How could they write this crap without watching the film? It's just hurts my head so bad! I could overlook the rest of the crappy issues with the episode but this one? It doesn't make any kind of sense.
I didn't notice that! Oh dear god, how stupid are the writers of this show?!

Which brings us neatly to...

False Profits ()

Ferengi episodes; you either love them or hate them. Or you think they are okay. Or you just like them. Or you just dislike them. Or you like some and dislike others. Excuse me for a second, I seem to have tangented off onto some form of sine wave.

Anyway, I like some Ferengi episodes, I'm a particularly big fan of DS9's The Magnificent Ferengi. There are others that I hate, and this is one of those. The idea behind the episode is good, but when main characters start doing stupid things in order to service the plot then you know you have a problem, and the characters in this episode act so stupidly that I'm surprised they are able to do more than drool onto their shirts.

Lets examine the scene where Janeway is talking to the Ferengi in the transporter room and the head Ferengi gives a big con of a speech about how they have to be sent back for the sake of the society on the planet. The correct response to that would be "Nice try. Mr Tuvok, take these men to the brig" but instead Janeway falls for their crap and beams them back to the planet. Just how stupid do you have to be to fall victim to the lies of a bunch of Ferengi?!

Then Janeway makes the decision to send someone down to the planet as a Ferengi in order to trick the Ferengi in leaving. Who should she send, the guy who has had prior experience of dealing with the Ferengi, or the guy who never even heard of them until 2 hours ago? The stupidity of sending Neelix down to the planet as a Ferengi is so outrageous that it makes my brain cry tears of blood.

So they go through an elaborate hoax in order to get the Ferengi onto the ship, and what happens? The Ferengi beat up their security officer, steal a shuttle and manage to evade one of the most advanced Federation starships by the cunning use of technobabble. Just how stupid is this crew?!!! They should be forced to wear helmets at all times in case they randomly fall down!!

To make matters worse this is one of those situations where Voyager has an opportunity to get home, yet there is no exploration of what this means for the crew at all. It is just there as a plot-point, there is no emotional resonance for this part of the story so the whole thing is a big waste.

One more point, there is no follow-up on what happened to Shmullus at all, I don't even remember him appearing in the episode. I know this episode was a hold-back from season 2 as evidenced by Michael Piller being listed as an Executive Producer at the end, but this was absolutely the wrong place to put this episode.

Other than Threshold, this is the worst episode of Voyager yet.
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