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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

^ Thanks to both of you for those lengthy, thoughtful reviews. Very nice things to read on a Wednesday morn'.

Rabid Trekkie, I am, in fact, agnostic and have very little personal use for organized religion. But hey, I'm also a pacifist and a coward, yet I love writing Klingons. Glad you liked the use of religion.

Jean-Luc Picard, I'm sorry the musical end of stuff didn't work for you. It's always a trick to pull that sort of thing off in prose, but to my mind, that was the most important aspect of the novel: art is one of the ways we remind ourselves that we're alive, that we're civilized, that we're okay.

On his Live in Sydney album in 2005, Arlo Guthrie (who is the template for Sonek Pran) said something that really resonated with me:
I remember after this 9.11 event back home, people didn't feel much like playing, singing, they didn't feel like going out. But then I thought, somewhere in the world, somebody's hiding behind a rock or a tree or a wall or something, and somebody else has been shooting at him for quite some time. Somebody's dreaming, somebody's hoping that somewhere, somebody's singing, somebody's smiling and laughing and life is good and it's fun to be a human being and it's all right. And I thought, man, we got to keep that spirit going, so we got back out on the road. But I think of that every time we play now. It'd be nice to be able to go anywhere in the world and go and do these kind of things, and have fun, and live right, and not be worried about stuff like that. So that's my hope, that everywhere in the world that'll happen soon. So here's to that guy who can almost hear it coming in on the wind...
And then he went into "Highway in the Wind."

That's why there's music in A Singular Destiny. But, again, sorry it didn't work for you. *sigh*
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