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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

When I had first heard what the scope of this book was intended to be, I kinda figured it couldn't be pulled off. I mean trying to really highlight just how screwed up the Alpha Quadrant and Klingons are after Destiny, I figured it would need at least two books, maybe even a trilogy. So when I first got this book (which didn't arrive at my door till two weeks ago despite the fact that I pre-ordered the day after Christmas) I figured that this would be the one book. I always give authors I enjoy at least one book to disappoint me with, I just figure that everyone has that one book that doesn't quite work and no one can keep the quality going strong forever.

I'm so happy I was wrong. This book was wonderful. I loved the segments between the chapters, it really brought to life what the Borg did to everyone. Sonek Pran was a nice new character, he's not like Curzon or some of the other Trek captains in that he's a great speech maker, he's just the guy who speaks plainly and from the heart in front of the most powerful people in the galaxy. I really wish we had a guy like that in Congress. I've really got to get around to reading Articles of the Federation, this president Bacco is amazing.

And of course the Klingons. It was great to see Klag and the gang going against the Kinshaya. I love these characters and while it wasn't quite as good as another Klingon Empire novel, it should hold me over until the next novel comes out. And speaking of things I hope to see in print one day, can we give Dax and the Aventine their own series? After four books I'm really liking that crew.

Finally, on a really personal note, I want to say a very heart felt thank you for the Bajoran Vedic's speech in the book. In some of the Trek episodes, it feels like the message is that religion isn't really a good thing. And for myself, with a lot of the Christian groups trying to get things changed in public schools (something I'm strongly against) and everything that's been going on in the world, I've felt like the entire world is looking at me like I'm three shades of stupid for believing the way that I do. Then I read that Vedic's speech, the way he keeps his faith, acknowledges the faiths of others, and helps those religious and non-religious, it really means a great deal. I don't know if you're religious yourself or not KRAD, but I've got to say that in those couple of pages you showed you know more about my faith than several others I've met in person. So thank you, and keep up the excellent work.
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