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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

above average

it was actually way better than I thought it would be, especially after how terrible the first few minutes of the show are. Some cool stuff here and there. Certainly didn't expect some of the paths they took with the show, which I see as a good thing. I'm not sure you could get 3-4 seasons worth of stories from this, but 1, maybe 2 really solid seasons should be doable.

However, this show has the same problem as BSG.... there are virtually no likeable characters. In fact, i don't like any of them. Ron Moore needs to take a step back and let someone else run with this. The guy is an overrated hack who turns every character into an annoying emo bitch. The emo is certainly in full effect here, and I really hope it gets reigned in during the first season. The choice of actors is also questionable... but like bsg, you can only do so much when you are given poor dialog.

Still, a good start. I'll check it out when it comes back.
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