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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

Gregsmack wrote: View Post
True. If Willy is 12 in 'Caprica' that makes him 70 during the holocaust. Cylon technology may only be 20 years away from their revolt.
That's something which bothers me, Bill Adama seems too old. EJO is only 62, but according to this timeline Adama was 74 in Daybreak. What's more, that would have made Adama 30 during the Razor flashback, so he only joined the Colonial fleet during the dying days of the war even though he would have been eligible for at least 12 years?

Ayelbourne wrote: View Post
Yeah. While we might not see the first Cylon War, we're probably gonna see the Centurions being used in armed conflicts between the Colonies.

Tauron strikes me as a potential opponent of Caprica. There was already some talk about a Tauron uprising, that was put down by Caprica, so I wouldn't be surprised if they'll send some Centurion forces down there at some point.

And then there is Sagitarron, of course...
One thing I'm curious about is where the Cylon ships come from. Did the humans build the first Cylon Basestars and Raiders or did the Cylons build them during the revolt? I doubt Caprica will get around to answering these questions because it will probably be cancelled long before the Cylon War begins.
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