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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

The intro at the beginning said
58 years before the fall
That would place it six years before the beginning of the Cylon revolt.
I come to that number from the number of days into the Cylon war the Adama flashback from Razor was set at. The flashback in the movie didn't have the intro, but the webisodes were expanded and gave a time. I forget exactly how many days it was, but I calculated at the time that it was 12 years into the war. And that was the last day of fighting.
Since the war ended 40 years before the fall, that only leaves six years.
Doesn't seem like much to go from the invention of Cylons to their revolt does it? I guess they develope at machine speeds.
That, and the Caprican government was probably producing them quickly to do their dirty work for them.
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