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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

Does this show contradict what we know about cylons and their development? I don't think so. Virtual Zoe never struck me as more advanced than the centurions, she struck me as representing the building blocks of memory and consciousness which will be essential in the creation of sentient robots. Her existence looks like it will also lead to resurrection technology. A more advanced version of her could also serve as a "head character". Maybe that's what those head people were... Advanced cylons from another era. Now what about Zoe living in a humanoid body and looking like a human in an era where cylons aren't supposed to "look like us"? I thought we'd see that in the pilot, but we didn't and we might never see it in the series. If we do, I suppose she could be kept a secret.
What happened to Zoe was handled very, very well. I was pleasantly surprised with how much it didn't contradict the BSG backstory. Oh Zoe. She certainly left more than footprints when her brief life ended, didn't she? Little did she know what destruction her short life would leave in its wake in decades to come.

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