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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

You guys don't have to put everything in spoiler code. This is a spoiler thread afterall and besides, it's easier to not have to click on the code box to read each post.

Anyway, I just saw it. It was pretty slow. All the people who've been complaining about BSG being a soap opera probably won't like Caprica. This is definately not action-packed. I thought it was pretty good sci fi though, and I like that we're getting a look into BSG's colonial society. I'd say that the "slow stuff" was average and the sci fi elements along with the BSG touches were excellent. In the end, I voted "above average".

Here are some of the highlights...

- The pilot didn't throw artificial intelligence or the creation of robots at us on a superficial level, it touched on issues like memory, consciousness and what makes a person a person, and it did so in more depth than I expected. I thought there was some good stuff in there about the building blocks of memory, and how we leave parts of ourselves (records/impressions on others) as we move through life. This was explored through Zoe, a 16 year old girl who was killed, yet "lives" on, first in a virtual environment, then in an actual cylon body as a conglomeration of her "parts". I thought that what was presented was well done and pretty effective.

- Looks like "God" will also play a role in Caprica. Made me wonder if the development of the cylons as well as the attempt to return of Zoe to the flesh will include a metaphysical element in addition to the nuts and bolts of memory and machinery.

- It was fun to see a society that looks just like our own, but with a BSG twist. Sure there were little things like the use of "cubits" and the word "frak", but I'm mainly talking about scientists and corporate suits observing a cylon in action in a test facility. That's an interesting mix of two worlds.

Other observations...

- The pilot reminded me of an episode of The Outer Limits with higher production values.

- Zoe looked a lot like a younger Zooey Deschanel.

- I didn't think the girls would play such a prominent role in the pilot.

- It was nice to see William B. Davis. His glasses reminded me of Tyrell's from Blade Runner.

- A lot of the tech was pretty cool.

Final thoughts...

- I didn't mind that the first cylon prototype was actually a 16 year old girl placed into a cylon frame. I find it interesting that the race of robots who wiped out mankind started off that way. It's a far cry from what we would have expected.

- Does this show contradict what we know about cylons and their development? I don't think so. Virtual Zoe never struck me as more advanced than the centurions, she struck me as representing the building blocks of memory and consciousness which will be essential in the creation of sentient robots. Her existence looks like it will also lead to resurrection technology. A more advanced version of her could also serve as a "head character". Maybe that's what those head people were... Advanced cylons from another era. Now what about Zoe living in a humanoid body and looking like a human in an era where cylons aren't supposed to "look like us"? I thought we'd see that in the pilot, but we didn't and we might never see it in the series. If we do, I suppose she could be kept a secret.

- They wasted Anna Galvin on a cameo. I hope we see her again.

- I don't think that we'll ever get to see the cylon war or the intervention of the Final Five and that's a shame. That's unless the show can last and jumps ahead a bit.

- Speaking of lasting, I'm up in the air about how long this show will last. On one hand, many will see it as watered down BSG and it'll get cancelled after a season due to a lack of an audience. On the other hand, it looks like a show that can be done cheaply and it might do moderately well enough to justify a second season or more.

- Having a drama like this set on some weird planet called "Caprica" could be distracting and might make the show inaccessible to non-BSG fans. It does come off as a little too "out there".

That's all for now. I'll be watching the series next year.

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